Michael Halak

Year of Birth: 1975



2007-9           MFA, the Art Department, University of Haifa

2005              Summer session, Florence Academy of Art, Italy

2002-2004     Art teacher’s certificate,University of Haifa

1999-2002     Bachelor Degree in Archeology and Fine Art,University of Haifa

1996-1998     Graphic Design,Western Galilee College, Wizo College Branch


2009              Drawing and Painting lecturer, the Art Department, Haifa University

2009              Drawing and Painting lecturer, Education Wing, Haifa Museum of Art

2000-2008     Production Assistant, the Art Gallery, University of Haifa


Solo & Due

2022- Volta Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland

2021- God Cares for the Little Things, Umm El Fahem Art Gallery, Umm El Fahem

2021- Terra Un Firmma, Tabari Art Space, Dubai, UAE

2018- Motion Trap, Idris artists space gallery, Tel-Aviv

2017- Memories from the Future, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv

2013- Cracks, Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv

2012- Portraits & Landscapes, Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv

Group Exhibitions

2021- The Haifa Way, Haifa Museum, Haifa

1+1, Pyramida Contemporary Art Center, Haifa

2019- Visions of Place, Burke Gallery, Plattsburgh, New York, USA

Belonging, Dubai Design District, Dubai, UAE

Limitless, The Gallery at The Walled Off Hotel, Bethlehem, Palestine

2018- What Is Pyramida Doing Here? Pyramida Gallery, Haifa

1948, Haifa City’s Museum, Haifa

House Houses, The Gallery at The Walled Off Hotel, Bethlehem, Palestine

Self collecting, Beit Hageffen gallery, Haifa

Third Identity, CAP Kuwait, Kuwait

Ingathering, Tel Aviv museum of art, Tel-Aviv

2016 – Roots of Identity, Art on 56th Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

The Winners 2015, Herzelya Museu of Contemporary Art, Herzelya

P.O.B Art Collection, Bethlehem

Drawings, Noga Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2015 – The Museum Presents Itself 2, Tel-Aviv Museum, Tel-Aviv

The Palestinian Arab House (Haifa 1860-1930), Haifa City Museum, Haifa

Visions of Place, Stedman Gallery, New Jersey, USA

SummerSet, Noga Gallery, Tel- Aviv

2014 – Portraits, Shinkar Gallery, Ramat Gan

Wonderland, Espace Oscar-Niemeyer, Paris

Wisdom of Crowds, Beit Hageffen Gallery, Haifa

Profile Is Aggression Too, Gallery -1, Tel-Aviv

2013 – Galilee Paint Art Fair 2013, Hatzour Hglileet

Realytizm, Grand Art Gallery, Haifa

Wonderland, The German Bundestag, Berlin

Territory, Oranim Gallery, Oranim Collage

2012 – Spring 2012, MECA: Middle East Center for the Arts, New Jersey

48-67, The House of Culture & Arts Gallery, Nazareth

2011 – Certified Copy, Beit Hgeffen Gallery, Haifa

The Armory Show, New-York City

Winners of 2010, Ramat Gan Museum, Ramat Gan

2010 – July, Noga Gallery, Tel-Aviv

Window to reality, Haifa Museum, Haifa

Dream a reality, Pyramid Gallery, Haifa

Fresh paint art fear 3, Tel-Aviv

Following the chocolate soldier, Shinkar Gallery,Ramat Gan

2009 – Men in the sun, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel

MFA Exhibition, the Dr. Hecht Art Center,Haifa University

2007 – Portrait, Beit Hageffen, Haifa

Desert Generation, Meneer de Wit Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland

Portrait, Municipal Gallery, Tamra

2006 – A Different World, Sawa Gallery, Shfaraam

2005 – Alumni exhibition, The Florence Academy of Art, Florence, Italy

2002 – Alumni exhibition, The Art Department, Haifa University



2016 – Artis Directed Grant by Mrs. and Mr. Rosenblatt

2015 – The Ministry of Culture and Sport Prize for contemporary artist

2011 – The Rapports Award for Young Israeli Artist, Tel-Aviv Museum

2010 – The Young Artist Award 2010, Ministry of Culture and Sport

2009 – MFA Distinction scholarship, Haifa University

2007 – Distinction scholarship, Haifa University

2005 – Residency scholarship in Florence, the America-Israel Culture Foundation

Residency scholarship in Florence, A.M. Al Qattan Foundation, Ramallah