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Michael Halak was born in1975 in Fassuta village (Upper Galilee), Israel. He currently lives and works in Haifa. In 1999-2002 he studied Fine Art at Haifa University. In 2005 he won a residence scholarship at the Florence Academy of Art, Italy. In 2007-2009 he studied M.F.A at Haifa University. Halak is a realistic painter whose works focus on classical subjects such as portraits, landscapes and still lifes. He has had solo shows at Tel-Aviv Museum of Art and Noga Gallery in Tel-Aviv. He has also shows in many groups shows such as Haifa Museum, Herzelia Museum and Ramat Gan Museum and many galleries in Israel, Europe and U.S.A.

Halak won several awards the most important: The Rappaport prize for a young Israeli painter- 2011 and the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sports Award for young artists- 2010

Michael Halak’s paintings belong to the Western tradition of realist, illusory painting that goes back hundreds of years, and which is rooted in representations of  biblical scenes in church art. The drama and turmoil in these paintings are given contemporary expression in his paintings, and reflect his connection to this particular place and time. Halak’s paintings address the immediate reality that surrounds him by means of direct observation or photographs. The illusion of reality represented on canvas is seductively beautiful and perfect, yet it is simultaneously revealed to carry a disturbing charge, which is related to states of disruption and disintegration.

His works charged with the central tension that shapes both his life and his work – the question of the connection between man and place, and related concerns regarding presence and absence, identification and dis-identification, witnessing and silencing, memory and intentionally imposed oblivion.

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